The Pure Nard Woodworking Difference

The Master, Jeff Nardoni, of PureNard Custom Woodworking in Danville, IL.I recently had a friend, someone in the custom woodworking industry, show off a commissioned piece of furniture. It was a custom made table, fashioned out of cherry. He commissioned the piece for several thousands of dollars, and indeed, it was a beautiful piece. Beautifully stained with well-crafted joints, the cherry seemed to resonate in its rich, red hue.

I remarked that it was a gorgeous piece, because it was, but held back my criticisms for want of offense. You see, I knew that the finish chosen for the piece was incorrect for the application. As a dining room table, moisture would be a concern. The finish chosen was not durable enough to stand up to this type of abuse, and after several years the table would likely need to be stripped and refinished.

Sadly, this story is all too common in the world of custom wood furniture. Follies such as these don’t come to fruition until several years from the commission of the piece, and customers have a hard time connecting the dots.

The Pure Nard Difference is your assurance that I will carefully consider all aspects of your piece. From construction through daily use, you will get a piece that will last a lifetime.
  • 2 1/2 years as a finisher at T.H. Snyder Company. A company specializing in Architectural Millwork for homes in the Chicago area. Sanding, spraying, some stain application, and repairs/touch up.
  • 6 1/2 years as a finisher at Creative Cabinets a local residential cabinet company. Head finisher including stain matching factory finishes for kitchens and an office shelving company called Aurora Storage. Stain application and all finishing procedures. Filled in on installs and some cabinet making.
  • 1 year head finisher at T.H. Snyder company.
  • 2 years Creative Cabinets as head finisher, and in my spare time cabinet builder and installer.

Throughout those years I built up a shop at home and taught myself veneer work, bending, radius, fine detail work in small jewelry boxes and humidors, and cabinet making.

I adapted quickly and accurately the craftsman skills that very few cabinet makers I have worked with can accomplish. The level of detail that I engross my work surprises even the most skilled as they recognize the patience and careful eye and touch that my work requires; from the joinery, veneer work, and marquetry even to the final processes of sanding, applying very different, clarifying stains, to the final smooth and silk-like durable finish.

My end goal is not speed, but efficiency and precision, because I believe that quality is sacrificed when speed is your aim. I recognize that this is a bit against the grain and I also recognize that this means that my work is not for everyone. But for the few who it is for, I assure you that it’s worth the wait.

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